Chaos & A.S.S.

June 3, 2013 § 1 Comment

KISDA was working pretty good, but ultimately I got bored. What can I say I need to spice it up a little.

I read Chaos & Pain by Jamie Lewis, it’s pretty awesome. Hella fun to read, and a lot of good info. I knew most of the exercise stuff already, but Jamie’s book really helped me fix my squat (by understanding that we are all built differently and there is no “right” way to squat) and got me in the animal mindset needed to bust some shit in the gym. Basically Jamie feels “overtraining” is a pile of horse crap and that if you try to overtrain then do a little more than that, you are probably just starting to train enough.

Then I picked up A.S.S. (Ashman Strength System) by Jay Ashman. Jay’s style really spoke to me. Again I knew most of this already, but his delivery stuck with me for some reason. He seems to just “level with you” more than the others do. Like somebody you actually know and respect in the gym who stops to give you some pointers. His system is very similar to Paul’s but his block system (buy the book) is what really got me interested in trying it. I’ve been running it for a couple weeks now and I’m liking the change of pace very much.

I get to get in volume and heavy stuff pretty often, plus Jay stresses a ton about learning and listening to your body. Not worrying about percentages and just getting in and lifting some shit up and getting strong as an ox. This is definitely not a beginner’s book. You need to have some time under the bar before you can start feeling out the weights. Hell, I’m probably too green, but I’m smarter than most people so to hell with it. I’m having fun, I’m going to do it.

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